Tuesday, September 15, 2009

True Love

While this past Friday marked the anniversary of the September 11th attacks, they also marked the first anniversary of Hurricane Ike. Being that The Husband and I were fairly new to Houston we were totally excited and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first storm season.

Now, we were used to tornado season and all of that glory. You know when the sky turns a mustard color, you fire up your Webber Grill and get to work. You watch the storm roll in while meeting your neighbors in the front lawn. Good times. There isn't time to prepare, so there isn't that anxious build up.

Not so with hurricanes. There is footage on the hurricane for days and days and days and days. And, unlike living in Oklahoma, there isn't a hurricane drinking game similar to the legendary Gary England Drinking Game. At least that I am aware of....people just consider hurricane drinking, well, drinking. We call that Tuesday at our house. Anyway, people get totally caught up in getting enough bottles of water, generators, batteries and peanut butter that you almost expect to see it being scalped on the corner outside the grocery store.

Well, as the coverage was getting more constant and evacuations of Galveston Island started, my office gave us the afternoon off as well as several days after the storm if we need them. Since I was a hurricane neophyte, I didn't really take into account as to how bad the storm and damage could be. So, when I got off work and people were throwin' bows on isle 13 for the last case of Ozarka, The Husband and I spent that time getting some staples we knew we would need.

When I left the office, I took stock in my priorities and made a detailed list of exactly where I was going to go and what I was going to need. Traffic was horrible with people trying to get gas, and with all the shortages that happened as a result, it was an absolute nightmare getting around.

First stop: Linen's and Things
They were closing a store by my house and I needed a new crock pot. I mean what goes better with "hunkering down to watch a hurricane" than turkey chili?

Second: Pottery Barn
While doing some "research" for necessary hurricane supplies at the office before I left, I found some amazing drapery panels on sale. Better pick them up before they sell out! My thought was, that if I am going to have full access to The Husband for a few days, I am going to put that man to work. My "Honey Do" list was longer than the line waiting for the Jiffy to be restocked.

Third stop: World Market
To pick up the curtain rods, naturally.

Fourth stop: CVS
I decided it would be a good idea to pick up some extra batteries for the cordless drill in case we don't have power-that way there won't be any excuses to not hang the curtains! Feeling so smart and proud of myself for thinking a couple steps ahead, I also got caught up in the mob mentality and thought I should get some candles too. Seeing that all they had left at that point we gaudy rosary candles, I figured they were better than nothing. I mean, I was going to need some additional light-especially since the sun would be blocked out by the new curtains. Although if anyone looks in my bathroom closet, you would think I am a strict Catholic straight from Mexico City...and probably a stripper too because they are covered in glitter. To me that didn't seem to safe, but who am I to correct a glittery Jesus?

The Husband, of course, is running all around the city doing the things you are supposed to in order to prepare yourself for a storm-hit the liquor store.

So, I call him and happen to catch him in line. He is growing frustrated because he had been waiting in line for almost an hour and his arms are tired from carrying the huge stockpile of staples. In his frenzied state, however, he only grabbed me one box of my beloved Franzia Chardonnay.

Sweet, sweet Husband. Sweet, Salt-of-the-Earth Husband. Precious, silly, little Husband.

How could I possibly be stranded inside for days on end with only ONE box? I mean, who can live like that? No air conditioning (granted we will be cooler from the newly added insulation the curtains are providing), no TV, and now no wine spritzers to have with my turkey chili? Telling this to The Husband, I am met with a strong silence on the other end of the phone.

Soooooo.....yeah, we all know how this ended. (How I love that man.)

All in all it was a great hurricane. Real success I think.

Fortunately we only suffered a minor impact from the storm.

His name is Alex.


  1. Score one for the Houston Home Team! Alex!

  2. haha...I have those exact same sparkly, catholic, Saint candles from Hurricane Rita! They're classics really! I should start putting them out every Christmas!!