Monday, June 18, 2012

The last couple weeks have been busy, to say the least. Alex has been home from school for a two week break that separates his regular school year from the summer session and it has been a long couple of weeks. Keeping Alex busy, juggling the new baby and thinking of things to do with increasingly hot days; the exhaustion has officially set in. The other night I attempted to refill my contact case with toothpaste.

As I mentioned, I am an idiot for thinking my first week home with the new baby I would start potty training. Alex is doing super great and while it was easier than I thought, I lost count how many times I attempted to call my doctor for a refill on my pain medication just to get through the week. Early on I felt less like I was potty training a toddler and more like I was babysitting a drunk sorority sister. Plus, reinforcing the phrase "No, it's not a good idea to touch your bottom" gets old.....then disturbing.

Evidently my dog, Charlie, is suicidal as well. Grapes are poisonous to dogs and considering the amount of PB&J's and raisins he had swiped from wherever Alex had set them down, Charlie has been a little under the weather. At least this is my theory of why he hasn't been eating a ton lately. At first I thought he was just holding out, but after stepping in a pile of barf Charlie attempted to hide behind the pack & play in our bedroom, I am beginning to think otherwise. So between potty training Alex, a gassy Bennett & a sick dog I feel it's safe to assume I have cleaned up more messes than I should for not being a paid medical professional. Ah, motherhood.

But we have had some good times.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

 So here is a less known fact about me....and one that will seem very random and maybe even make me seem a little sad. As in, will make my life seem a little, 'seeing a kid sitting alone in the cafeteria' sad,  not 'guessing who my mam is going to tell me just died' sad.

I am wicked excited for the Dallas premiere on TNT tonight.



When Luke and I started dating 15 years ago, we were broke kids, dating in secret who had to keep a low profile, who got sucked in to watching hours and hours of Dallas re-runs on tv. To the point that when we adopted our first dog a month after we started dating, we named him Jock....after Jock Ewing the patriarch of the family (may they both rest in peace) because we thought it was a "tough, leathery name" worthy of a dog. Then, a few years in to our courtship we went to visit a friend that lived in Dallas and Luke surprised me with a visit to Southfork (which was actually kind of a let down, but that's neither here nor there).

So, yeah, I am excited. The show is a legend! Who shot JR?? Bobby and the Dream Season? Big, big stuff.

And our judgement of naming our dog after such a tough stud clearly was a good choice seeing as Jock was 14 1/2 when he finally went to Jesus.....or as we explained to Alex "went in to Witness Protection". What can I say? Explaining the concept of Heaven to a two year old didn't take.....but going in to Witness Relocation he totally got. We have since stopped watching so much Law & Order....just FYI.

You can see the resemblance.......

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gee, Jane, what have you been up to in the last year?? Not much really.

Blog, meet Bennett.....Bennett, this is the blog. (Basically, say hello to Uncle Tam & Katie).

Bennett James arrived three weeks early, on May 17th. After learning he had somehow wrapped the cord around his neck a zillion times, my normal weekly appointment ended with a mad dash home to pack my hospital bag and figuring out who could pick up Alex from Mother's Day Out. It was quite a hectic, but great, day. Bennet was perfect at 6 pounds and 12 ounces, 19 inches. Quite the difference from Alex who tipped the scale at 9 pounds 1 ounce. But God certainly blessed us with a strong baby who came a little early without any health complications or hold ups from going home on time.

Alex isn't sure what to think of Bennett yet. Don't be fooled by this picture. What you can't see are all the cookies I bribed him with to get ONE picture where Alex wasn't licking the baby or that he really isn't smiling as much as he is showing off the half eaten tortilla in his mouth. And he's not wearing pants....because I was the idiot who decided that the first week I was alone with both boys after a c-section, was the week I should potty train Alex.