Wednesday, June 13, 2012

 So here is a less known fact about me....and one that will seem very random and maybe even make me seem a little sad. As in, will make my life seem a little, 'seeing a kid sitting alone in the cafeteria' sad,  not 'guessing who my mam is going to tell me just died' sad.

I am wicked excited for the Dallas premiere on TNT tonight.



When Luke and I started dating 15 years ago, we were broke kids, dating in secret who had to keep a low profile, who got sucked in to watching hours and hours of Dallas re-runs on tv. To the point that when we adopted our first dog a month after we started dating, we named him Jock....after Jock Ewing the patriarch of the family (may they both rest in peace) because we thought it was a "tough, leathery name" worthy of a dog. Then, a few years in to our courtship we went to visit a friend that lived in Dallas and Luke surprised me with a visit to Southfork (which was actually kind of a let down, but that's neither here nor there).

So, yeah, I am excited. The show is a legend! Who shot JR?? Bobby and the Dream Season? Big, big stuff.

And our judgement of naming our dog after such a tough stud clearly was a good choice seeing as Jock was 14 1/2 when he finally went to Jesus.....or as we explained to Alex "went in to Witness Protection". What can I say? Explaining the concept of Heaven to a two year old didn't take.....but going in to Witness Relocation he totally got. We have since stopped watching so much Law & Order....just FYI.

You can see the resemblance.......


  1. I've never watched the show, so I don't really get all the hype. I think it was because we were never allowed to watch soap operas, which Dallas SO clearly was.
    Jock- great name do a dog.
    Witness Relocation instead of doggie heaven? Now that's just smart parenting.

  2. OMG. Jane, Jock and Pudge = twinsies. I hope they are both enjoying Witness Relocation. You are so funny!!!!

  3. I am pumped as well! I remember watching Dallas with my mom when I was little. Did you like the new one? I have it recorded but haven't watched it. The guy who plays John Ross is from Tulsa. That Jock was a handsome pup!

  4. I never watched the show but was excited to see a fellow Tulsan on the cast. Josh Henderson, the twin that is not Jesse Metcalf. I once danced with him at a Bachelorette party in LA, and he's a super dork (Nsync Dance moves). But hey, he's an Okie, so I'm excited for him.