Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Time for Birthday Cake...mmmm...Cake.

So, most people that know me, know not to call me before 10am. (hint, hint, Mam). Even as a new mom, I am usually either deep in mid morning nap, or in still asleep from a very, very long night. Either way, it is just a good rule of thumb. A great thing about being a stay at home mom, other than sometimes still being in my PJ's at noon, is that I have the ability to take an extended nap. A bad part of being a stay at home mom? That would be that 3 back-to-back 2 hour 'naps' make up my "nights sleep".

Well, imagine my surprise, and immediate frustration, when the phone rang bright and early at 5:30 this morning.

My first thought: "damn you mom!! I don't care what Fox News said or if Sophie almost went through the kitchen window...cause let me tell you, it was only a matter of time".

My second thought: "Holy schnikey's Batman!! You totally forgot that your brother and sister-in-law are due ANY DAY!!"

So, I jump out of bed so fast to get the phone, I so foolishly left on The Husband's side of the bed, you would have thought a Crave Cupcake delivery man was at my doorstep fixing to take off. And if you are unfamiliar of Crave Cupcakes, you have not truly lived. I am being serious. Let me know and we will work something out.

Lucky for my mom, it was my brother, Tom (the same one our son's middle name is after) telling me I am an aunt...again!

I really can't think of any better way to wake up, than to be told that sweet, precious Annabelle Jane has been born. She is a lucky girl to be born to parents who have been waiting for her and loving her for so long. I can't wait to meet her and smother her in kisses!!

Both mom and baby are doing great. I can't say as much at 2am this morning while my sister-in-law was in active labor that was progressing so fast she wasn't able to have an epidural. Sweet Lord. I know I have pledged my newly regenerated liver (although currently compromised) to my new friend Sarah (who is hilarious and loves $.50 mimosas.....I love her.) but I think I need to rethink my other vital organs at this point. And Sarah, I told you weeks ago about this liver "situation"...AKA the recent spike in Franzia stock.


Anyway, Happy Birthday, Annie!! Love your Aunt Jane. I promise to always have gum.


  1. I have a firm policy on drugs and their place in the birthing experience. The day I find out I am pregnant, I want an epidural. This epidural will remain until the child is approximately 12 years old. Any other method of childbirth should be considered abusive.

    Also, thanks for the liver. Can I stop by and pick it up this weekend?

  2. I agree with can thank her for sending me over to you. I will now stalk you.

  3. Man, your SIL is a rockstar!!! Now, I need some pics of little miss Annie. Please, and thank you!