Saturday, November 7, 2009

Please, Send Cold Weather...To Wherever You Send Cold Weather To...

To Sally Struthers (Or anyone else who can help...),

Please let it get cold soon. Houston is hot. Really hot. But, seeing as it is now November, I feel the need to ask someone, anyone, for help. It is not for me, but for The Baby.

You see, The Baby is really hot natured (he gets it from The Husband). The kid gets so overheated that when we wear jeans, he is still in shorts. I think he has only worn socks a couple times in his short life...and one of these was while he was in the airport, because, well, ew.

The thing is, is that when The Husband decided to surprise me with a trip to London for my 30th birthday, we had just found out The Baby was a boy. Like, 4 hours earlier. Sooooo, when Harrod's was having an sale on Burberry and we got a little out of control. Whaaaa?

Did we need the lambs wool sweater? Maybe not.

Did we have to have the jean jacket with leather patches on the elbows? Actually.....did I mention the leather patches? Yes? Well, did I mention the detachable Burberry hood? That changes things, I know.

Was the double insulated, feather lined, fur-trimmed hood winter coat really necessary? YES! By God, YES!

We have already gotten him into the super cute sweater vest, so we are safe there. But the thing is, is that we got them in size 6 month. Although The Baby is only 5 months, in European sizes, I either need to get him on a pack a day habit or seriously start restricting his rice cereal to keep him in that size for a few months until the weather here will be permitting. Somehow, I think there are parents, pediatricians and fashionistias alike that will agree that is not a good idea.

If you could please help me out with this and toss around a couple 60 degree days I will promise to send monies to wherever you send monies to.

If not, please let me know so I can put some clothes in the fridge.

Mom of The Year


  1. The answer is to send him up to Oklahoma to visit Grandma...Then he can wear them.

  2. I see a trip to Chicago in your future. Think of all the cute things you could get him on Michigan Avenue! (Um, pics, please.)

  3. Fan-frickin'-tastic. I'm sure I will find myself in a similar position in a few shorts years...all in the name of fashion! :)

  4. Just turn the a/c on really really high, then you can be cold inside and he can wear the warm clothes ;)