Wednesday, November 11, 2009


You know what's fun?

Fun is cleaning a bucket of poop off your baby....

off his shoulders.

Luckily, the Universe returned the favor by putting The Proposal on my DVR this month. Finally, I can watch this feel good movie in the quiet shame of my own bedroom.

Good times.


  1. What is with you and this movie?

  2. I have a similar obsession with Baby Mama. And watching the movie just confirmed my love.

  3. Was he in a jumparoo? BOTH of my kiddos when placed in the jumparoo as infants would jump and jump and jump and jump. Well I guess this was relaxing to jump and OFTEN I find poo squished up to the shoulder blades. Niccccce! It's the kind of diaper change where you just throw away the clothes (because I'm terrible at doing laundry and getting stains out) and put the baby straight into the tub!