Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tale for Tuesday

So, my best friend Emily and I have best gal pals for quite a while. So long, in fact, that we can look back at pictures and curse puberty for being so cruel. We have really grown up together. We survived high school and truly convinced each other that those bitches were just jealous. Together we learned what our maximum for tequila capacity was in college. (Mine is much higher athankyouverymuch. Sadly, Emily and tequila still have not made up since that fateful St. Patrick's Day. And if needed, I vow to kick it's ass anywhere, anytime). Good times.

Before Luke proposed, he actually asked Emily if there "was anything else he needed to know". She just laughed....and I still don't know what, exactly (or who) she was laughing at. I like to think she was laughing at Luke....but almost ten years later, the jury is still out on that one.

But one thing that I love most about my BFF is that she is totally not judgey. Most obviously is that I am over 30 and still use 'BFF', so that is one. Another, is that she is fully supportive but can also tell me when I am wrong on those very rare occasions. I guess that comes with knowing someone for so long. Let me tell you, once you hold someone's hair more than a couple times, or help them use the bathroom in their wedding dress, walls come down. And she never gives me a hard time for loving Teen Mom almost as much as Alex.

So, today after talking with her I remembered several months ago. I was totally frustrated by the confines of being a stay at home mom and feeling the instant need to escape. I tell Luke I am running to Target and leave Alex with him. Knowing Luke loves going to Target right after hitting the Craft-Dollar-Tiny Figurine Store, I know he won't mind staying behind. On my way to Target (read: the exact moment the garage door closed) I call Emily for back up. She doesn't know it, but of course she doesn't disappoint.

Jane: "So am I going straight to Hell that I just told Luke I am going to Target, but I think I am going to the Tasting Room to have a glass of wine and read?"

Emily: (cackles with laughter) No, but have two glasses; one for me too."

I. Love. Her.

As a mom, I totally appreciate that when I mention to her throwing a towel in our whirlpool tub along with a couple toys so I can take a shower isn't unsafe it's resourceful. It isn't my fault Alex now hates all his toys that are in the first floor. I mean, he hasn't exactly said he hates them, but the screaming and head-banging is kinda a sign that he is less than thrilled than being in the bathroom with me....even is Yo Gabba Gabba is on the bathroom TV.

Or, when I tell her about a nasty look I got from some girl when the fam and I were at a patio because we had a baby with us. Either I didn't get the memo that a place with picnic tables and a crock pot of free hot dogs is too fancy for a baby, or she didn't get the memo that Houston doesn't have an age requirement to enjoy a locally brewed beverage among friends. Emily didn't understand why she would even care and then sweetly reassured me that after college that beer will catch up to her.

Yeah, she is that good.

It's Tuesday, Em, and I am cheersing to you. You are the best a gal ever had.

And you should know, no wine was injured in this post.



  1. Wait, you like Teen Mom?

  2. Love you both......amy h

  3. Awww.. this is so sweet. It's like she's the Nicole to your Paris. Except you're totally still friends and you're not running around Asia and the UK trying to find a replacement and a reasonably priced hair weave. Good times!

  4. JJB123---You have me all teary eyed in the airport as I read your blog on my layover. And for the record, you are the best. No...no, you. Pinch A-Rod's sweet cheeks, but only in a loving manner, then give him a big squeeze, and tell him it's from me :)

  5. 1. It's been too long since you've blogged.
    2. I'm still bitter I missed you in Houston.

  6. Janie, question, why haven't you blogged since Sept. 28? OK, two questions. Everybody's working for ... the weekend? _ lisa