Friday, August 24, 2012

To My Lunch Date

So, today is my brother, Tam's, birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Tam!!

So, I had this great idea about blogging this wonderful post about how amazing my brother Tam is, but it didn't quite happen. See, I didn't want to post anything cheesy because Tam & I are cut from the same cloth. So, that means that we would prefer someone speak about us in an abstract way, as if we were in the room, but would probably grow uncomfortable at the attention and leave mid sentence.

Then I thought I could relay some of the hilarious conversations we have had over the years, memories we have made and how close we are. But then I realized I was terrified about coming off like that episode of "Friends" where Rachel dates her neighbor who is all tickling his sister and she draws him a bath and it gets all creepy? And then it ends with Ross and Monica wrestling at the end? You know that one? Anyway. It makes me want to barf even thinking about it. Tam would agree.

Having said that.

Tam is just the greatest guy. He is the kind of guy everyone should be lucky enough to know. He is kind, caring, compassionate and completely hilarious. He is forgiving, in that, he never brought up that ill-fated army roll I did in a stranger's lawn sprinkler when we thought it was a great idea to start jogging in the mid-day of an Oklahoma summer. (FYI: Not smart.)

He showed me that being classified as "easier" from my parents was not always a wanted thing.  (Hey, they never said "favorite" but while he was busy being "Homecoming Prince", I was busy "sneaking out of my bedroom window", so you be the judge.) He taught me how to judge my alcohol tolerance, when not to skip classes in college and how sitting on the patio with my parents would be much more for my benefit than theirs.

He was right.  I have a three drink max, I don't remember why I snuck out, and I remember every night I sat listening to the oldies with my mam and dad out by the pool. And those nights are the ones I wish I could replay.

I am a lucky, lucky gal to have you as my big brother, Tam. I love you more than words.

Cheers to the five of hearts.



  1. Aw! How sweet in a totally Janie, non-cheesy way ;)! Happy birthday to Tom, too!

    Lol - I still laugh when I think about the memorial brick he bought at OSU for three generations of Benson Cow Pokes, which was really just two generations. :)

  2. I can't tell you how happy I am that the two of you are so close... Sometimes I think that I have given you material for many many laughs and inside jokes. If so... that's the best think I could ever do for you guys. mom

  3. Happy Birthday to Tam! What a great tribute, in a very non-cheesy way. You are lucky to have each other for sure.

  4. What a sweet birthday wish for your brother! I had four brothers until Katie's sweet dad went to heaven nine years ago, and I have always loved my brothers so much -well, when we were young we did fuss and fight sometimes, but I have still always loved them.
    Good job!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  5. Very nice post! I hope your brother has as great birthday.

  6. Thanks for your comments! I appreciate them so much because you just get it. You totally relate! Thanks again.

  7. Hey! I was going to ask you what places you recommend seeing in St. Thomas?

  8. I hope that Manny & MB have such an awesome relationship like y'all do!
    PS I need you to start blogging again. Like now.