Friday, July 13, 2012

Multi- Tasking at It's Finest

So, before I had Bennett I knew I was going to give another shot at breasfeeding. I breastfed Alex, but only made is for about four months. He started to sleep longer at night really quickly (lucky right?) and it really dipped my supply. I wasn't about to give up sleep to get up and pump, so that resulted in him eating, like, every hour during the day because I wasn't 'filling up' enough for him to get full. So off to formula we went. I was fine with it and so was he.

Naturally, I was a little curious how breastfeeding Bennett would go. Not just from my experience with Alex, but because I was honestly curious how it would go while having Alex here too. He's a little, um, spirited and when left to his own devices tends to get into things. Everything. We had to strip his bedroom of anything he could climb, toys he could use as a step stool or any potential projectile. It looks like a padded cell at a mental hospital.

But it's actually going pretty well. I actually know what I am doing this time around so when Bennett was born I was prepared; unlike when Alex was placed in my arms and I looked down at him and expected him to just know what to do. I may have even said something like "Alright, go at it" or something equally as nurturing. However, Bennett eats every three hours, day or night. It's pretty easy to set your watch too. And since life doesn't stop just because the kiddo needs to eat, I am pretty surprised about what I can get done while feeding him so I made a little list.

  • Picking up the house; putting toys away, straightening up. Making the bed was interesting the first couple times. Alex helps me with this one so I can't take all the credit.
  • Unloading the dishwasher; it gets a little tricky with the knives, but nobody has lost a finger. Yet. Maybe this one isn't such a good idea on second thought.
  • Laundry; I'm not sure this one counts since I can sit down while I'm doing some of it. 
  • Getting Alex dressed; my best showing was getting him in to a swim diaper and swimsuit. I'm still proud of that one.
  • Cooking if off limits, though. I went to grab some stuff to make salad the other night and Luke looked horrified. He asked that I not feed him while I handle food. Can't say that I blame him. After I heard that though, I realized I should have been breastfeeding anything with a mouth for the last three years if it got me out of cooking. 

I know it won't be this easy forever since Bennett will keep getting bigger. I mean, he is eating all the time.  But I think I can also get a little more creative, so we will see.

And if my post the other day didn't send the good behavior karma my way, I was attacked with this while getting us all loaded in to the car the next day. Please ignore Alex's homeless-boy hair.

And would you look who has started smiling?


  1. Bennett sounds like trooper, if he can eat during all those activities. I'm definitely impressed. I felt like I was confined to sitting in silence, in the dark, at lot of times when I fed Tully. Maybe I can count on #2 being different? You are giving me hope! You should totally come to a La Leche League meeting sometime. You can bring Alex too! Next one is July 23 at 7pm. I'll be there!

    1. Oh, and I'm assuming you live in Tulsa...if not, disregard!!! :)

  2. I'm impressed! I can barely talk on the phone and do those things! Much less with a human strapped to me ;)!

    Also, you look fab. Love seeing pics of you and the boys.

  3. There you are!! Love the pic and how cute are those boys!
    OK- MAJOR props to you for doing actual tasks while breastfeeding! So impressed. And if your husband doesn't like his salad tossed w/ a little breast milk, maybe he can make his own! ;)
    These are the stories your boys will love to hear long into adulthood, you know? That's what motherhood is all about.

  4. Nice!! I'm impressed you can do all of that.

  5. Say it isn't so. I have been trying to comment on your blog FOR-EV-ER. And by forever, I mean the last few weeks...but seriously, several times have tried. I guess it was a browser issue because I was forced to update to Google Chrome and now it appears to be working! If this means I can interact with you, I guess I'll adapt. Did that sound creepy? Because it's about to get creepier. PLEASE join instagram or twitter! Or come live by me. I need more of you in my life. I'll stop with the creepiness now. But seriously. Congrats on sweet Bennett!! He is a doll, and how cute are you and Alex?! (Very, if that was unclear.) AND I am awestruck at the things you can do while nursing. I'm lucky to do those things period, let alone while nursing. Do you have one of those baby loungers to wear a la the Duggar lady? Or do you just wear him in a sling? Very curious about this. Though I do enjoy relaxing and sitting and nursing while Manny floods the bathroom. Not that that has happened. SEE. You need to get on social media so I'm not forced to leave you a BOOK for a comment. So happy to see you blogging again!! xo

    1. And I am beyond thrilled that actually posted. That is all.

  6. I too am super impressed with all you do while nursing! Super-mom!! I have to admit I liked that B took at least 1/2 hour to nurse each time because it meant I was propped up in the recliner watching tv or playing on my phone...or just soaking up the sweet baby.