Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The In Crowd?

So.....I blast my pal Katie quite a bit about her spam preventing-code-entering-not-a-robot- thing at the end of her blog.

I can NEVER read it! Ever!! It always takes me, like, 15 times to get it to go through and makes me reevaluate if I should be making an appointment to get fitted for a wedged shoe, instead of reading blogs.

But, she was all "Jane, I get a million, of those a day".

Oooookay. Considering I like getting junk mail, spam emails? As long as they don't sign my up to donate my organs before I'm dead, its' all good! Mail is fun = email is fun! What's not to like?

Which brings me to.....

So, you know how I never blog? Well, I got my FIRST SPAM COMMENT the other day!

Let me tell you. Man, alive I thought: "Boy howdy, have I ARRIVED!! I'm somebody enough to have a SPAM COMMENT!!! "I mean, this was momentarily about as exciting as when I see Tim Gunn on  TV. Which is big. I won't lie, I have day dreams about me and Tim Gunn. First, we would go shopping together and he would compliment my perfect trench coat and then teach me how to find the most perfect pencil skirt. If it is really perfect dream, he would also praise me for having the right size, um, foundations. Sigh. I love you Tim Gunn.....

Anyway, then I got another comment. And I thought: "Huh. Ooooookay".

Then another.

Then it started to get annoying. Like when you get two, huge, Pottery Barn catalogs on the same day. Just look in your computer, Pottery Barn! It's called wasteful! Don't send me all these catalogs! How many master bedrooms do you think I have?!?

Much like the rehab/drug referrals a la the SPAM comments.  No need refer me to three rehab centers, there, SPAM commenters. It's not like I am going to compare the open bar policy.  I kid....I kid.....

Then I started to receive enough comments (ok, about 6) and it made me a feel awkward enough to worry that someone thinks I'm an alcoholic. Or should try cocaine.

Jury's 50/50.


  1. You've arrived!!! :) wait until you get 50 a day and they all happen overnight and your phone is constantly buzzing. I promise you will no longer have a hung jury! ;)

  2. Oh yeah, Spam comments are SO annoying. I tend to just delete them.

  3. I miss you!! Please blog again. And that's insane you got so many spam comments! I don't have the verification on and I never get them. Guess I don't put off that vibe of drugs and others do. Ahem.

  4. Since Katie doesn't blog as often as she did (before Emmy!), I don't read any other blogs very often. I just saw this one that you did months ago! Funny!
    Aunt Angie

  5. Hey! Hopefully you will see this. Email me your address for the giveaway and I will have Lindsay send out the stockings! So glad you won!

  6. In response to your blog comment, no, I haven't been to that restaurant in Choctaw yet! We go to one in Moore.